About the Cloudberry Project

The Cloudberry project aims to purport information to help the gaming developers, analysts, programmers, IT software professionals and computer engineers on how to secure the copyrights of their products and prevent illegal virtual companies or hackers to copy, distribute, edit and sell their products. A site should be licensed and acquire copyrights in order to protect their technological systems, name of the product and intellectual property. Moreover, the reputation of the company and the item itself will not put into risk. It is significant to know these facts to preserve the standing of the company.

Creative Commons

CC LogoOne of the best sites that offer this licensing service is the Creative Commons. It is an NPO based company that builds legal expansion of creative works and authenticity to share. It renders free of charge licenses for the public. It helps and supports other sites to have permission to copy, edit, sell and distribute creative works through internet based schemes. This industry was established last 2001 with the founder Mr. Lawrence Lessig, Mr. Eric Eldred and Mr. Hal Abelson. The current CEO of the site is Mr. Ryan Merkley. The first set of licenses that were released serves as the milestone for Creative Commons last December 2002.

The advantages of Creative Commons licesning

  • It helps your personal works be published in a wider audience for them to use as reference.
  • Give recognition to the creator of the content since it is under licensed and the creator is abided by the protection of copyrights’ law.
  • You may share your thoughts, captured photos or clips of your videos without causing any troubles to the others.
  • Expose your talents, skills and proficiency with the aid of Creative Commons
  • Licensing System.
  • Free of charge and no other hidden fees were being imposed when you published your works and make them available worldwide.

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