Using Mods as a Part of Your Mobile Strike Strategy

Every player desires for powerful weapons and invincible armors apart from the intensive training and leveling up. Getting free Mobile Strike Strategy advice is also something that many want. The strength of the troops can also be acquired through the commander’s set of skills as well as the resources provided by the base and headquarters. Furthermore, the player can insert a mod chip in the vacant slot of the weapons to increase its power and it depends on the level of the player on what mod chip corresponds to the weapon. It is a good strategy to invest with mods since they offer long run effects and these are very reliable when it comes to the battle war.

What are mods in Mobile Strike?

mobile-strike-strategyMods are the special type of chips possessing particular stats and these extensions can improve the strength of the gears by installing the chip onto the weapon or armor. Each gear normally has 3 slots and the player cannot insert same mods at one time. These 3 slots are intended for a special troop attack, troop defense, and troop health. These chips can be upgraded using special materials and fabricate them with the mods to come up with powerful stats. There are 6 types of mod and each correspond to a range of levels such as level 1 at 2%, level 2 at 4%, level 3 at 8%, level 4 at 12%, level 5 at 18%, and level 6 at 25%.

If the player wants to remove installed mod on the gear to change it with something better, it can only be detached using a mod saver. There are 3 types of mod saver which include simple mod saver level 1 to 2, mod saver level 1 to 4, and expert mod saver level 1 to 6. Each mod saver has a corresponding gold in which the simple mod costs 400 gold or 60,000 worth loyalty based on the alliance store, 2000 gold for the mid mod while 6,000 gold for the expert mod saver.

How to obtain mods in Mobile Strike?

There are 3 chief ways on how to acquire mods for you to improve the power of your gears. One way is to purchase the mods using gold or collect loyalty points to exchange it with a simple mod saver at the alliance store. Another way is to join alliances so that you may receive valuable gifts including mods. Finally, accomplishing some challenging missions may give mod rewards and help you reach your Mobile Strike Strategy goals!

Game Dev Tycoon Guide: Master Game Development

Logo of the Game Dev Tycoon GuideCreated by Greenheart Games, Game Dev Tycoon was founded in July 2012, by the playful minds of brothers Patrick and Daniel Klug. The creators’ agenda is in the development of games that according to them must not be mind bugling and money grabbing games but rather, a game that is fun to play. However, with the word fun they doesn’t mean it’s easy, but it needs the mind to constantly think strategically which makes the game exciting. The challenges of the game are the main reasons of why this Game Dev Tycoon guide exists. The following are just a small part of the wide range of reliable Game Dev Tycoon guide tips and tricks.

Development Duration

The development of the game is crucial to a player’s success. A specific amount of time is required to accomplish each game. The time is divided into preparation time and three other development stages which are equal in length. The preparation time is the period with short time before a player makes the decision for the First Stage. This duration only includes the time of development and the bug fixing is excluded and will be completed through varying periods of time.

Development Stages

Game development stage is split into development fields. The player’s employees play a role for the development of the game. These employees (who are not having busy time on vacation or training) will make their contributions for the development of Tech and Design bubbles. It must be remembered that there is predetermined chance for each contributed bubble to become either a Tech bubble or Design bubble depending on the field that is in current development stage.

Topic/Genre Combination

Note that the overall rate of the Design/Tech bubble contribution is affected by the choice of Topic/genre combination or Topic/Genre/Genre. The player can choose from 60% to 100%, 100% which is considered as the “Great Combination” when the player finishes the game and gain the experience. This Game Dev Tycoon guide’s main purpose is to make the player stick with the strategy of only choosing Great Combinations. These means picking the choices of a Topic/Genre combination that contains a plus in the relative cell in the Game Development table or a Topic and two Genres that contain a plus in their cells.

The decision making for the topic/genre and others might be tricky but after these initial activities are made, the player can now influence the process of development in three different ways.

  1. Influence by setting values of the slider, the player will allocate the different percentage of the total stage time to develop the different fields.
  2. Influence by adding features that are sufficient to the field, the player can make Tech and Design bubbles contribution twice the size of the normal while in the current development of this field.
  3. Influence by picking an employee to be assigned in a field for either the medium size and higher, while in the development of this stage the player can make the decision whether to increase or decrease of Tech and Design bubbles contribution sizes.

Secure your games with Creative Commons Licensing Authority

The developers have a variety of choices all over the net that supports their application and software inventions. There are many online organization that promotes free of charge services when it comes to licensing, certification and copyright. One of the most popular non-profit organizations that aid in the licensing of most companies is the Creative Commons. You have heard the right thing, yes, they are providing no need to pay the license but they allow donations to their online organization since it is an NPO enterprise. The developers utilized this online organization to build their applications or software and launch it in the public with a secured trademark. Licensing, certifications or copyrights are important assets of a product because these protect the rights of the producer and user of the application or software. This intangible asset serves as the security in using the product created by the developer. Moreover, the Creative Commons has been serving the market and potential clients for over 15 years now since its initial establishment during the year 2001. The founder of the online NPO is Lawrence Lessig and the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the organization is Ryan Merkley. If you’re interested regards the different games under the licensing of Creative Commons, here is the list.

  • Go Ollie
  • Lincity Ng
  • Remix This Game
  • Scorched 3d
  • Scourge
  • Supertux
  • Tremulous
  • Yo Frankie
  • 0 A.D. (Video Game)
  • Ultrastar
  • Traffic Department 2192
  • Unvanquished (Video Game)
  • Sintel The Game
  • Star Control Ii
  • Tremolous
  • Ufo: Alien Invasion
  • Playok
  • Tyrian (Video Game)
  • Glitch (Video Game)
  • The Adventures Of Fat Man
  • Assaultcube
  • Megaglest
  • Oolite (Video Game)
  • Heartlight (Video Game)
  • Smash Battle
  • Ryzom
  • Pioneer (Video Game)
  • Openclonk
  • Steel Storm
  • Ares (Video Game)
  • Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup
  • Glest
  • Frogatto And Friends
  • Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead
  • Katawa Shoujo
  • Crayon Physics Deluxe
  • Mari0
  • Maelstorm (1992 Video Game)

The Creative Commons use 7 sets of license for the clients and select which among these licenses can provide an utmost optimum performance that corresponds to the security of the online software or games of the requesting client. These 7 sets of licenses include Attribution, Globally free contents without any limits, Attribution plus No Derivatives, Attribution plus Share A Like, Attribution plus NonCommercial, Attribution plus NonCommercial and Share A Like as well as Attribution plus NonCommercial and No Derivatives.

  • No Derivative (ND) – this logo helps the licensees to display, use, and copy or distributes verbatim copies only.
  • NonCommercial (NC) – the symbol emphasizes that the licensees can copy, display, use and distribute derivative works for a non commercial purpose only.
  • Attribution (BY) – this intangible asset represents the licensee in which it can distribute a copy or display derivative works as well as give the licensor or author the credits.
  • ShareAlike (SA) – only the same license under the Creative Commons are allowed to be shared.

A Cool Hack and Cheats Site for a DragonVale Players!

Don’t you just hate it when you play a great game that is free to play, but it bothers you that for some cases a player need to purchase items in the game using the time and real money. There would be a time that a player might reach a certain moment that he uses so a big amount of resources like cash, and then eventually falling into the pit of problems and end up short in coins to continue the level or unlock a certain part of the game or buy something that is needed. Making in-game purchases of cash or the so called game currency is crucial in a player’s gaming experience because resources can be used to boost dragon park evolution of the player. It is understandable that when a game is great it becomes addicting, but therefore for some reasons it is not practical to spend a lot of money for this game items. In order to relieve the hard feelings and grant the player’s wishes, several game experts and hackers have credrated various cheats to unlock the barriers in enjoying a certain game without wasting any money.

One of these games that were created with cheats is the DragonVale. DragonVale is a creation of Backflip Studios introduced as a simulation game. This game is available for iOS and android platforms and can be downloaded for free using Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This game can be operated and played in iOS devices such as iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone or various Android devices.

The DragonVale cheats created by IGN are free in public. It is compatible with platforms of both Android and iOS systems. This version 2.5 of DragonVale hack by IGN which is assured to be reliable and flawless. It does not require to root or jailbreak your device. Worrying about you being detected using the cheats wouldn’t be needed because this DragonVale cheat is also undetectable from the game system security.

What is only needed to do is download the DragonVale cheat app. When downloaded and run, the application will generate cash, gems, and treats automatically. The best thing about it is that the generating of cash, gems, and treats is unlimited. You can take unlimited treats, grab unlimited cash, and add unlimited supply gems. This DragonVale hack is the definition of pure joy as you will get unlimited resources without using your precious money.

Shoot Your Selfies with Fun Snapchat Ideas!

snapchatThe beautiful camera lenses we have today made our pixilated selfies more artistic, humorous and unique. Taking pictures is a good way of keeping the memories in a digital photo. People download various apps to collage and edit their photos to come up with a cuter, exceptional and amazing photo to stare and share. You can edit your photos with funny captions to add energy in the photo. You may use best collage makers such as Instagram Layout, Picture Collage Maker, Capcam, Photo Collage and Photo Video Collage. Apart from using collage apps, you may also use photo editor app tools which are Photo Editor the ultimate, Adobe Lightroom Mobile The heavy weight, VSCO cam and Camera 360.

The Snapchat App and Some Fun Ideas

Snapchat Inc. launched a 2-in-1 snapshot plus chat app which is convenient for all people to express themselves by capturing a good shot or video, and adding some captions or emojis. This app is recently updated last February 2, 2016 and has earned 3 out of 5 ratings from 214,728 customer reviews.

If you want to have a clever or silly capture of your photos, you may try to insert some other pictures or paint your picture with a headgear, whiskers or put some makeup on. You may take many facial expressions, hand gestures or modeling then add catchy notes or statements that will make the viewers in a complete LOL scene (laugh out loud). You may picture yourself with a duck face, peace sign, planking, flying while riding on a hover board, edit movie scripts, edit anime video dubs, take a picture of an object while sarcastically saying a literal thing, picture funny moments with your pets, capture cute moments with your infants, change your hair color using a paint app or make your face looks creepy by modifying your appearance then share.

This snapchat app is a great social media and utility tool to convey your emotions and anything that comes into your mind. Share your thoughts, comments and feelings through uploading pictures or videos to your friends. You may also challenge your friends to come up with a nice picture, exert some brilliant ideas and make your photos one of a kind. Be creative, imaginative, artistic and appealing to catch the attention of others and become popular with them. Have a snapchat now and capture your stunning selfies!

Cream of the Crop Antivirus for Android

No matter how good is the sales talk and advertisement for the anti-virus software on the web, it does not matter if it cannot lure thousands of customers. The mindset of the customers is concentrated on the popularity of the anti-virus software. The initial analysis on this is that, since it is popular, there are many customers who have tried and satisfied with the best antivirus for Android. Moreover, the download statistics conveys that many are contented and still using the software. The popularity of Meilleur Antivirus Android is also achieved through a series of referrals through personal talks, blogs, and reviews.

Introducing the Meilleur Antivirus Android software legends

These are the popular antivirus for android and almost hit the sales chart in the market. The quality of their security surpasses the expectations of the customers that made them on the list among the cream of the crop. The top 7 remarkable antivirus Android includes:

  • Norton with a 6/10 rating and a premium price offer of $29.99.
  • Lookout having a 6/10 rating and a premium price offer of $3 per month or a $30 per year.
  • McAfee consists of 7/10 rating and amounting to $29.99 per year for a premium set up.
  • AVG that has a rating of 7/10 and with price offer of $11.99 in Amazon for premium quality.
  • KASPERSKY with a rating of 7/10 and amounting to $7.49 and a $14.95 per year cost for premium services.
  • BITDEFENDER having a rating 8/10 and a premium price offer of $14.95.
  • AVAST is the prevailing antivirus of 2016 with a rating of 9/10 and price amounting to $15 per year for premium options.
  • Meilleur Antivirus Android which is available for a one-time low fee. Get it here now!

Grab one of these amazing antivirus softwares and you will definitely be astonished regarding their optimum performance. You may also enjoy their free unlimited trials of Android free antivirus scans and clean up. Get your antivirus for your android now!

Creative Commons Games

Downloading and playing with various games using computer, tablets or mobile phones triggers excitement, enjoyment and fulfilling feeling as a recreational activity to the user or player. It reduce the stress of an individual, keeps him in a good mood and energizes the cognitive function of the brain. But you have to take note, that a game must be copyright licensed to secure your saving points and relevant data as well as your identity will not put into jeopardy by keeping your e-mail address and password safe. Moreover, the publisher and developer of the game will be secured as to the illegal copying, remixing, editing and distributing the intangible asset of the game. The game will be protected under the boundaries of the law concerning copyrights. This is a crucial phase of developing a game and launching it to the market. It must have a high security in order for the clients to rely, recognize, depend and trust the game.

The licensing outline

Creative Commons is an organization that grants permission to use copyrights and assist the institutions to follow the law on intangible assets accordingly and it is free of charge to the public. It incorporates public copyright licenses using the three layer method that encompasses Machine Readable, Human Readable and Legal Code Formats. There are six license deeds and legal codes enumerated as follows:

  • Attribution (CC BY)
  • Attribution Share A Like (CC BY-SA)
  • Attribution No Derivs (CC BY-ND)
  • Attribution Non-Commercial (CC BY-NC)
  • Attribution Non-Commercial Share A Like (CC BY-NC-SA)
  • Attribution Non-Commercial No-Derivs (CC BY-NC-ND)

Some of the games licensed through Creative Commons include Yo Frankie!, Unvanquished, UltraStar, UFO: Alien Invasion, Tyrian, Tremulous, Traffic Department 2192, Steel Storm, Star Control II, Smash Battle, Sintel the Game, Ryzom, Red Eclipse, Pioneer, PlayOK, OpenClonk, MegaGlest, Mario, Maelstrom, Katawa Shoujo, Heartlight, Glitch, Glest, Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, Crayon Physics Deluxe, Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, AssaultCube, Ares, The Adventures of Fatman and 0 AD.

Players will entrust the video game’s source because it is licensed. The reputation of the gaming industries will ascend therefore it will become reliable, recognize and popular to the users. The privilege of having these rights serve mutual benefits to the developer of the game as well as the player. The future developers of games will also be benefited from this free of charge site to have their project licensed.