Cream of the Crop Antivirus for Android

No matter how good is the sales talk and advertisement for the anti-virus software on the web, it does not matter if it cannot lure thousands of customers. The mindset of the customers is concentrated on the popularity of the anti-virus software. The initial analysis on this is that, since it is popular, there are many customers who have tried and satisfied with the best antivirus for Android. Moreover, the download statistics conveys that many are contented and still using the software. The popularity of Meilleur Antivirus Android is also achieved through a series of referrals through personal talks, blogs, and reviews.

Introducing the Meilleur Antivirus Android software legends

These are the popular antivirus for android and almost hit the sales chart in the market. The quality of their security surpasses the expectations of the customers that made them on the list among the cream of the crop. The top 7 remarkable antivirus Android includes:

  • Norton with a 6/10 rating and a premium price offer of $29.99.
  • Lookout having a 6/10 rating and a premium price offer of $3 per month or a $30 per year.
  • McAfee consists of 7/10 rating and amounting to $29.99 per year for a premium set up.
  • AVG that has a rating of 7/10 and with price offer of $11.99 in Amazon for premium quality.
  • KASPERSKY with a rating of 7/10 and amounting to $7.49 and a $14.95 per year cost for premium services.
  • BITDEFENDER having a rating 8/10 and a premium price offer of $14.95.
  • AVAST is the prevailing antivirus of 2016 with a rating of 9/10 and price amounting to $15 per year for premium options.
  • Meilleur Antivirus Android which is available for a one-time low fee. Get it here now!

Grab one of these amazing antivirus softwares and you will definitely be astonished regarding their optimum performance. You may also enjoy their free unlimited trials of Android free antivirus scans and clean up. Get your antivirus for your android now!

Creative Commons Games

Downloading and playing with various games using computer, tablets or mobile phones triggers excitement, enjoyment and fulfilling feeling as a recreational activity to the user or player. It reduce the stress of an individual, keeps him in a good mood and energizes the cognitive function of the brain. But you have to take note, that a game must be copyright licensed to secure your saving points and relevant data as well as your identity will not put into jeopardy by keeping your e-mail address and password safe. Moreover, the publisher and developer of the game will be secured as to the illegal copying, remixing, editing and distributing the intangible asset of the game. The game will be protected under the boundaries of the law concerning copyrights. This is a crucial phase of developing a game and launching it to the market. It must have a high security in order for the clients to rely, recognize, depend and trust the game.

The licensing outline

Creative Commons is an organization that grants permission to use copyrights and assist the institutions to follow the law on intangible assets accordingly and it is free of charge to the public. It incorporates public copyright licenses using the three layer method that encompasses Machine Readable, Human Readable and Legal Code Formats. There are six license deeds and legal codes enumerated as follows:

  • Attribution (CC BY)
  • Attribution Share A Like (CC BY-SA)
  • Attribution No Derivs (CC BY-ND)
  • Attribution Non-Commercial (CC BY-NC)
  • Attribution Non-Commercial Share A Like (CC BY-NC-SA)
  • Attribution Non-Commercial No-Derivs (CC BY-NC-ND)

Some of the games licensed through Creative Commons include Yo Frankie!, Unvanquished, UltraStar, UFO: Alien Invasion, Tyrian, Tremulous, Traffic Department 2192, Steel Storm, Star Control II, Smash Battle, Sintel the Game, Ryzom, Red Eclipse, Pioneer, PlayOK, OpenClonk, MegaGlest, Mario, Maelstrom, Katawa Shoujo, Heartlight, Glitch, Glest, Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, Crayon Physics Deluxe, Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, AssaultCube, Ares, The Adventures of Fatman and 0 AD.

Players will entrust the video game’s source because it is licensed. The reputation of the gaming industries will ascend therefore it will become reliable, recognize and popular to the users. The privilege of having these rights serve mutual benefits to the developer of the game as well as the player. The future developers of games will also be benefited from this free of charge site to have their project licensed.